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ServiceMaster Oak Park & River Forest Provides Professional Hoarder Cleanup Services For Homes, Apartments & Senior Facilities In Oak Park-River Forest IL

Having a loved one who "compulsively hoards" or "pathologically collects" can be an extremely stressful situation.

​That's why ServiceMaster Oak Park & River Forest approaches Hoarder Cleanup in Oak Park IL with compassion and patience. 

​We work in concert with family members and loved ones to help clean out these homes and apartments.  We understand that our customers have an emotional and psychological attachment to their belongings and parting with these items can be difficult.

We offer a full hoarder cleanup package by providing the following services:​

​- Full removal of all "tagged" items.
- Hauling of appliances and furniture.
- Fine-Finish-Cleanup of home or apartment, including bathrooms and       kitchens.
- If requested, full paint packages.
- If requested, full repair or re-construction packages.

- Arrangements can be made to have items, appliances or furniture donated   to  your favorite charity or resale shops.

For more information on the phenomena of "hoarding,"

please check out the following links:

- Compulsive Hoarding - Wikepedia

- Hoarding - Mayo Clinic

- Children of Hoarders

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