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Over 200 neighborhoods and 77 community areas in the city of Chicago, Illinois, United States.

The broader community area usually shares the name of one of the neighborhoods within its boundaries. Within the broader boundaries community areas, there are many separate neighborhood names and boundaries. New neighborhoods may be added by developers.

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Chicago neighborhoods

Chicago's modern cityscape of iconic skyscrapers and tree-lined waterfront evolved from a long history of architectural firsts, forward-thinking city planners and a concerted effort to merge metropolitan life with the natural beauty of the land.

Whether you see that skyline on a three-by-five postcard or catch a glimpse of the Sears Tower from a spot along the 22 miles of lakeshore, there's no mistaking this city's distinctive profile. And beyond the stretch of beaches and high-rise offices lies a diverse population of residents that compose the heart and soul of this town of 2.8 million.

A multicultural community from around the country and all over the world has found their home in this city, shaping the sprawling urban center into over 180 separate Chicago neighborhoods.